Sunday, August 16, 2009

Changes...the before pics

The little church we have loved for years is about to go through some changes soon. These are the "before" pics for the new building of Bible Baptist. It will be great, I'm sure, and a sign the church is growing. I love the little church on 16th, and all the wonderful memories I have of Bro and Mrs Floyd and all the family and people there.... Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Snow Cones, Grape Kool-Aid & Cookies, Mrs Floyd's Stories, Bro Floyds Sermons, the Old Songs I Love, The Chior Singing, Minnetonka Camp with the Girls on the Hill and Boys in the Barn. I could go on & on. Did I mention I love that little church?


  1. I will miss it too! But the new church is going to be great.

  2. I am sure the new Church will be so appreciated.... I just remember creaking steps going up to the sunday school.

  3. Wonderful memories!!!! I hope our kids and grands have such good memories of church, family and Jesus Christ as their savior.