Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chick Magnet

Middle son had to make some car decisions this past month. You know, spend big bucks really soon or....get new wheels with a new warranty. Well, with much nudging from other family members, the "thriftiest"person I know picked out a new blue car with convertible top. He calls it "Drupal" blue. Programmers will understand that one. Anyway, I hope he has a lot of fun times in that car. He said no one ever yelled out "nice ride" when he was in his HHR. Not sure why.

PJ's and Parades

I have not posted in awhile and we have been very busy.
Can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving and then....Christmas! The grands are already getting "dressed" in their Christmas PJ's (thanks to internet shopping) and are being required to pose for "pre-season test shots" (insert their eye-rolling here). They are gonna kill us for taking these pics someday. Oh well...good senior picture material.

Hubby & Lil' Earl drove the Vette in the Veteran's Day Parade while Boo and I watched, waved our flags, and cheered for them and all the heroes. It got a little loud for Boo. I don't know why every band chose to stop and march in place at our intersection. Anyway, we picked up Em at the mall and we took all the grands to Chuck E Cheese. They seemed to have a great time but we questioned our intelligence after about 3 hours! (Note to not buy $30 of tokens the moment you arrive. Wait and see how fast they are dropping them in the games first!).
Middle son got a new blue car but I will post that pic next. Until next time.