Sunday, December 27, 2009

Parades and Farewells

The months of November and December included both fun times and sad times. We said goodbye to a good friend, Tony G, a man who died way to young. But even tougher than that, Rick lost his brother, Gary. It too was way to soon to say goodbye. He will be missed. It reminds us to cherish the times we have together.

We were able to see family from Oklahoma. It was nice to spend an "early Christmas" with them and catch up on happenings. We saw Jeanie and her family, celebrated December birthdays and went to the big parade in Frederick.

Blizzard 09

Our neck of the woods had some of the white stuff and lots of ice this past week. It will go down as the Blizzard of '09. We do see snow from time to time...just not this much and at Christmas time. The grands enjoyed it! So did the grown kids....Oh yea, PaPa Stinks!

Hey, Santa, All I Got Was A Rock!

Ok....It has been a "l-l-l-o-n-g-g-g" time since I posted. We have had a lot going on but to busy to talk about it. I'll start with the most recent, Christmas. We had a wonderful time with all the kids and grands, except middle child was stranded in ice and snow in WF during the great '09 Blizzard. We made up for it when he arrived after the big day, exchanged presents and ate sugar cookies.

We tried for a more "unique" present this year for the kids. Thus the title of blog, "All I Got Was A Rock!". Well, you can see more in the pictures.